11th November 2018


RSP introduced also a Sharing Profit Program for crypto related airdrops (announcement and guide)

In this page there is an updated list of which airdrops are currently available or upcoming, so you will be able to receive back a 50% of the referral commission.

ACTIVE airdrop :



IDAP Airdrop (extra 4.5$): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/idap-airdrop-extra-4-5-with-us

Condeal Airdrop (extra 1.5 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/condeal-airdrop

SweatCoin Airdrop (extra 2.5 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/153-2

Solarex (extra 60 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/solarex-airdrop

Deep Cloud AI (extra 6 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/deep-cloud-ai-airdrop

URIS (extra 10 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/uris-airdrop

ThorSwap Airdrop (extra 125 THT tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/thorswap-airdrop-tht

AIVON airdrop (extra 23.25 AVO tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/aivon-airdrop

CubEgo Airdrop (extra 3.75 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/cubego-airdrop

Vegan Nation Airdrop (extra 1.5 VCN tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/vegan-nation-airdrop

Dsion Airdrop (75% share): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/dsion-airdrop

FinaFex Airdrop (extra 7.5 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/finafex-airdrop-7-5-fnx

PopulStay (75% share): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/populstay-airdrop

CURES Token (75% share):  https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/airdrop-cures-token

FABA Airdrop (75% share): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/faba-airdrop-75-share

FLAME Airdop (extra 75% share): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/flame-airdrop-75-share

MIND AI  Airdrop (75% share = 300 OMAI): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/mind-ai-airdrop

SUCH APP Airdrop (75% share): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/suchapp-airdrop

Bancryp Airdrop (extra 7.5 tokens): https://cryptoreferralsharing.com/bancryp-airdrop

note: If we are not able to track referral activities (for example if an airdrop hide email address/username, showing us only a number), we will ask you a proof of registration like a screenshot OR we will add every uncalculated referral earning into our  “Reward Pool” and share them with our community. Learn more about RSP Tokens and Reward Pool on our FAQS