Introducing the AIRDROP Referral Sharing Program


We are happy to introduce to our community the AIRDROP Referral Sharing Program !

How It Works?

Easy. As you know most airdrops are allowing users to invite referral and earn a commission (extra tokens) for each of them.

From Today you will be able to sign up through our referral link and receive back a 50% of such commission directly to your wallet!

  1. You need to signup an account with us: Link HERE selecting your default payments methods.
  2. Search for an available Airdrop on our website
  3. After signing up as our referral in an airdrop you must fill the google form (IF there is one) linked in each airdrop’s dedicated page 🙂

When will you receive the rewards?

We will mostly like distribute the rewards among participants within 14 days after receiving the commission.

Can I choose different payment options?

YES. There are 2 options.

If the Airdrop provide us the referral list, we will assign to every participants the Airdropped tokens.  Then:

  1. You can withdraw the tokens to your personal wallet.
  2. You can select a different cryptocurrency (once tokens are listed on exchanges) and possibility to aggregate rewards on a single transaction

Note that if you select option 1: we will cover gas fee, but if it’s too high we may decrease a little the rewards for completing successfully the reward process.

Note that if you select option 2: (different cryptocurrency): we will sell airdrop tokens for you, and you will receive a Crypto value depending on the Trading value on exchanges. Also we reserve the right to apply an exchange commission if it appears to be higher then estimates.

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