Welcome to Crypto Referral Sharing Platform


We started this project in order to give you the opportunity to earn an EXTRA income from crypto tasks (such as exchange, airdrop and faucet).

YES, you read well.

Actually most of the exchange earn money from trading fees. For example for every 1000$ you trade, the platform earn averagely 3$.

Almost all exchanges allow you to invite people / friends and earn a % from this fee.

We want to SHARE that fee with YOU, so you will be able to RECEIVE BACK a percentage of what you trade on a monthly basis and with your chosen payments methods.

In other words, instead of allowing the platform (or a third-party) to retain all the earnings, you will have chance of receiving a part of it back in your wallet!

You just only need to follow some easy steps:

  1. Create an account on Crypto Referral Sharing here
  2. Register through our referral links
  3. if needed compile each form with your details

After that you will receive a monthly rewards back in your RSP account.

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