4th January 2019


Use those Faucets through my referral links and every referral commission will be placed in the RSP reward pools and shared with token holders (if not stated differently)

NameTimeRewardLINK Referral Commission -> EXTRA reward to You/PoolDirectly or RSP Pool?
MoonBitcoin5 minBTCCLICK HERE50% -> 25% PoolRSP Pool
MoonDogecoin5 minDOGECLICK HERE25% -> 12.5% PoolRSP Pool
MoonLitecoin5 minLTC CLICK HERE25% -> 12.5% PoolRSP Pool
MoonDashcoin5 minDASHCLICK HERE25% -> 12.5% PoolRSP Pool
MoonBitcoinCash5 minBCHCLICK HERE25% -> 12.5% PoolRSP Pool
FreeBitco.in1 hourBTCCLICK HERE50% -> 25% YouDirectly with you
Allcoinspw5 minMULTI (20+)CLICK HERE25% -> 12.5% YouRSP Pool
FreeDogeco.in1 hourDOGECLICK HERE50% -> 25% Directly with you
FreeCardano1 hourADACLICK HERE50% -> 25%RSP Pool
FreeNem1 hourXEMCLICK HERE50% -> 25%RSP Pool
FreeBitcoin.io1 hourBTCCLICK HERE50% -> 25%RSP Pool
CoinFaucet1 hourXRPCLICK HERE50% -> 25%RSP Pool
Fire Faucet5 minMULTI CLICK HERE20% -> 10%Directly with You