13th November 2018


How Can I register an Account?

You can register an account clicking on the red button on the homepage or following this link

How does it work?

After creating an account with us, you could join every referral services you desire through our referral links (e.g.  Faucet, Exchanges, Airdrop ecc) and filling each Google Form if necessary. From that point It doesn’t change anything from your global experience, except that we will share 50% of our referral commission.

What happens if we are not able to track every participants / referrals?

If we are not able to track referral activities (for example if an airdrop hide email address/username, showing us only a number), we will ask you a proof of registration like a screenshot OR we will add every uncalculated referral earning into our “Reward Pool” and share them quarterly with our community.

What Is the “Reward Pool”?

Rewards that can’t be calculated due to hidden public information (e.g. referral email address or username), will be placed in the Reward Pool! Rewards from such pool will be distributed to our RSP token holders community depending on the amount of RSP tokens that you stake. Rewards will be distributed on a regular basis.

When will I receive rewards?

  • Rewards will be sent after reaching the cryptocurrency minimum payout.
  • Airdrop tokens will be sent at the end of the airdrop, within 7 days after we received the referral tokens.
  • Rewards pool will be distributed on a regular basis, initially quarterly, depending on funds amount and blockchain fee.

What about the RSP Token? Are you running an ICO?

NO, we will not have an ICO!

Our RSP token has been created for social marketing and for distributing among our community the “not trackable” referral rewards.