Crypto Referral sharing

Why you Should join us

Go to Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments

Receive your profit sharing payment every 15th of the month at your favorite address!

Go to Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Choose among various payment methods. You can receive BTC, ETH, XMR, DGB and others.

Go to Low minimum withdraw

Low minimum withdraw

Depending on your payout address, your minimum withdrawal amount can be as low as 0.10$.

Go to Free Support and Free Service

Free Support and Free Service

You can contact us on Telegram for having support and asking any questions.

why joining a crypto referral sharing program

You can earn some passive money while normal crypto tasks!

Usually when you signup through a referral link, a stranger earn a commission. Every time that you make a trade / claim at faucets / join airdrop or buy products. WHAT IF you receive a % back? IF you sign-up as our referral, we will share with YOU a 50% of our referral commission, and you will be able to have back a percentage of what you do. Money don't move fully in someone else pocket (exchanges or third-party), but they will return in part to YOU.

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